European Rowing Tour 2019

Europe Tour 2019

Report by Joe Hoffmann

There they were: “Three Men in a Boat” right out of Jerome K. Jerome’s novel, only the dog was missing. The “Three Men” were on a boating trip in a fixed seat, wooden skiff with one man rowing and the other two resting and enjoying their journey on the Thames. And so did we, a group of ten rowers from the Santa Cruz Rowing Club rowing in two coxswained quads. After a short greeting, each boat continued its journey. The scullers continued their row up the river toward Oxford and we entered the Pangbourne Lock before continuing our row down the Thames toward Reading. This is a report of our journey through the Thames Valley in England and the Mosel Valley in Germany in July of 2019….

Many thanks to Joe for this lovely report!  To continue reading, please see the full PDF below.

SCRC Europe 2019 Report

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