Dip your oar into the SCRC Annual Meeting Friday March 22nd

Hob Nob, Rub Elbows, Sing a Ditty, lift your glass to the Santa Cruz Rowing Club Annual Meeting! Another great excuse to have FUN with your splashy peers who love the ocean and love to dip oars into salty water! Hosted by Sam and MaryAnn at their welcoming Rowers Clubhouse. Come early at 6pm for social time, 6:30pm catered dinner ($20 must RSVP by the 18th) or just come by 7:15pm for the Swag, and Sign Up for the greatest ocean rowing club on the west coast. RSVP: postmaster@scrowing.org by the 18th AND if you need directions. 

It takes more than 1 oar in the water to belong to SCRC!

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  • Doug Haut says:

    I would like to attend the dinner and meet your members and see what you are all about. I love to row and am looking forward to this event.


  • henry says:

    Ah, One oar short of a boatload, heh? Probably with that card missing from the deck.

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