Our Harbor Home

Our Harbor Home

To join the Santa Cruz Rowing Club,  you must see one of our US Rowing certified instructors. He or she will teach you how to row safely on open water.  They will determine when you are ready to row by yourself. The instructors will show you our equipment, how to clean and store it, and have you sign the relevant paperwork.

A list of our instructors can be found here.

Sunset Row

Sunset Row

It normally takes 4 lessons for a beginning rower to learn to row safely on their own, after which time they can become a member.  Experienced rowers also must contact an instructor for an orientation, but lessons are usually not necessary. 

Currently, our membership fees are $100/year, with the year starting in April. To use club boats, you can choose to pay per row ($20), get a 10-launch pass ($150), or unlimited rowing ($300). Membership fees can be paid at the annual members meeting or sent by mail to Santa Cruz Rowing Club, PO Box 2544, Santa Cruz, CA 95063. Per-row fees can be placed in labeled envelopes and left in the iron lockbox within the oar locker at the dock. In addition to the annual fees, members are also required to volunteer for 20 hours each year.

A special note: We do not have a weekly training program and only a few of our members participate in races. If you are looking to row crew and/or row competitively, contact Los Gatos Rowing Club at  LGRC has an extensive competitive juniors and masters program and focuses on improving rowing skills. Of course you are free to join both clubs!


Visiting Rowers

If you are an experienced sculler and visiting the area, we would love to take you for a row! We think every rower should get out on the ocean at least once, and nothing compares to Monterey Bay. You will certainly meet sea lions and otters, you’re likely to encounter seals and dolphins, and on a really lucky day you might even see whales. You will also get a feeling of rowing uphill and maybe ‘surf’ on the way home (don’t worry, we don’t actually row in breaking waves).

Our Aeros are much more stable than the average racing single so you don’t have to be an absolute pro. However, you must be comfortable in a single scull! Sweep rowers are unlikely to be comfortable handling two oars on a rocky ocean. Of course anyone can take a lesson with one of our instructors.

Experienced rowers looking to schedule a visit may contact Jeltje:


Click on these Links for SCRC Forms:


SCRC Boat Use Guidelines

Jeltje rowing a single scull

Jeltje rowing a single scull


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