Club Rowing Shells and Equipment: As part of our Club Mission to promote recreational and competitive rowing, the Santa Cruz Rowing Club has 12 club boats that are available to Club Members with Equipment privileges. (Contact one of our Instructors to learn about boat care. Contact our  Membership Coordinator to learn about member dues and responsibilities.)

Members wash and inspect boats after each use. Join a Work Party to help keep our Fleet, Oars, Equipment, and Dock in tip-top shape!

Boat Care Videos:

MAAS Singles: Video Coming Soon!

Catalina: Video Coming Soon!


Maas 30′ Double:

Wintech Explorer 32′ Double:
Twin Peaks
Care & Use Instructions for Wintech Doubles


Maas Aeros:
Smile (donated by Glen Ceresa)
Merrill (donated by Merrill Newman)
Russ Cline II
Nerwen (carbon fiber body with winged riggers)
Connie Baker (donated by Connie Baker), at Elkhorn Slough
Tom Gestri (In memory of Tom Gestri, donated by Katherine Gestri), at Elkhorn Slough

Maas 24:
Sea Horse (in memory of Lisa Waldman)
Tenacity, at Elkhorn Slough

Maas Flyweight 24:

Bay 21:

And a Boat Trailer (in a pear tree)!

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