Monterey Bay Crossing

August 18th, 2018

2018 Monterey Crossing

The Monterey Bay Crossing is a 22-nautical mile race from Santa Cruz Harbor to Monterey Harbor.  The Monterey Crossing is open to singles, doubles, triples and quads designed for open water and rough water rowing!

Rowers leave by 6:30 a m. and arrive 3-7 hours later in Monterey. For the rowers’ safety EVERY boat must be escorted by a support boat. There are a limited number of support boats that can be hired through the Santa Cruz Rowing Club. Please email the race committee ASAP if you need to hire a support boat.  Our club can be reached at

The Monterey Bay Crossing is for experienced rowers only.

Course Fee: $75 per rower
Trailer Fee back to Santa Cruz (optional): $20 per rowing shell ($15 for club members)
Support Boat hire from the Santa Cruz Rowing Club (required, unless you provide your own): $100 per single, $175 per double

To sign up, please visit the registration page at and fill out the payment form at Please also fill out and bring this 2018 Monterey Crossing Liability Form on the race day.

New participants may also find it helpful to read this 2014 description of the race written by Tim himself, which includes information about conditions and navigation: Monterey Crossing in Tim Huebner’s Words.

To view past records, download the Course Records – PDF (updated 2009)

Race results for 2015:
Laurel / Greg – Mixed Double – 3:44:48
Carlo Facchino – Men’s Single – 4:08:26
Kellee Adams – Women’s Single – 4:20:55
Mandy Spitzer – Women’s Single – 4:57:36
Rick / Rick – Men’s Double – 4:57:41
Rod Williams / Sheila Williams – 5:26:10

Race results for 2014:
Eileen Hansen / Stefan Benton Mixed Double 4:08
Tim Huebner / Patrice Rioux Men’s Double 4:13
Nancy Ogle / Shawn Padilla Mix Double 4:31
Nancy Sorrell / Laurel Condro Women’s Double 5:06
Ellen Braithwaite / Tom Kelly Mixed Double 5:13
Kellee Adams Women’s Single 5:14
Paul Noyes Men’s Single 5:16
Emily Craparo Women’s Single 5:16


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