Santa Cruz Harbor Mouth Shoaled

Each year the Santa Cruz Harbor Mouth is shoaled by tons of sand. This creates very shallow conditions and can be hazardous to boaters, especially human-powered boaters.  Here is live video of the Harbor at the end of December, 2012.


Santa Cruz Harbor Mouth filled with sand and currents

This sign is posted at the Launch Ramp

Rowers must take care not to row through the harbor mouth when waves are breaking¬† – even if the waves do not seem large. The area inside the Harbor Mouth also creates many opposing currents due to the backwash off the jetties combining with incoming swells. These currents can make controlling a rowing shell very difficult. Take care of yourself, take care of our precious Club Fleet. Don’t row out of the Harbor if you observe any waves breaking. Watch the mouth for several sets to determine if waves are breaking across the mouth. Know the swell conditions and the tides before you sign out a boat. Relax, row some laps, work on your technique inside the Harbor when the ocean is rough. KC



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