Watch out for Marine Debris – A TREE!

Beth and KC out rowing to the SC Mile Buoy come across a floating tree. Navigation hazards such as this tree are common in the area between the Santa Cruz Harbor and the Mile Buoy. Make sure you look over your shoulder every 20 strokes to avoid dangerous floating hazards.  Watch this Video to see the TREE.


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  • Linda Locklin says:

    hey thanks for the “tree” warning. about the same time you filmed this i had a jolting encounter with a log – probably sister to your tree–just off the Harbor Mouth. Was following your instruction to keep looking behind but this log was just swimming below the surface so i didnt see it but rather a very alarming BUMP occurred when i ran into it and then over it, especially as it rolled over my fin. Very scary — a quick return to the dock to make sure i wasn’t taking on water…fortunately not. So, as you say, always practice safety, I had my marine radio with me just in case i needed back up.

  • h says:

    Good reminder on hazards. Great having the boardwalk and mile buoy in the background for perspective. Almost turned it off early on (during the very useful tour of the dock) due to the pounding music. Glad I stayed.

    Thank you.

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