The Santa Cruz Rowing Club was started by a small group of rowing enthusiasts around 1975 and formalized in 1985. In the 1980’s, one of the main projects for the Club was working with the Santa Cruz Harbor in providing proper facilities for rowing. This project resulted in one of the best facilities in California for open water rowing. The Santa Cruz Rowing Club facility is located under the Murray Street bridge on the West side of the lower Santa Cruz Harbor.

In 1994, the club became a non-profit corporation and this has allowed us to expand our focus. One of our goals for the 1990’s was to provide structured instruction so that we can introduce the fun of rowing to interested members of the community. This, very naturally, lead to a second major goal for the 90’s: To expand our “fleet” so that members can enjoy rowing without having to own a rowing shell.

Now the Santa Cruz Rowing Club owns 15 open-water rowing shells for use by members. SCRC members participate in many of the open water races in Northern California and beyond. We also have regular rowing tours for those who would like to explore diverse waterways from a rowing shell. Our excellent instructors are available to teach rowing to anyone willing to take the time to learn.


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